REVINTAGE: The project that promises to fight the destruction of European Culture

Data shows that the post-war interiors of the 1970s and 1980s in Europe are beginning to disappear. This scenario seems to be associated with the loss of cultural continuity and rigorous renovation driven by fashion. This scenario puts at risk the sense of local belonging and conflicts with the conscious and sustainable use of resources.

Based on these issues, the International Revintage Project was born. One of Revintage’s fundamental objectives is to create an assessment of the current situation regarding the disposal, disappearance, preservation and reuse of contemporary interior contemporary interior elements in the participating countries, with a view to a more transnational approach; it also aims to provide stakeholders in the preservation of such interiors with the information to create an intellectual and educational framework.

The project is being developed in three European countries: the Netherlands, Malta and Portugal. In the Netherlands Quiosq is the organization that has taken part in the project; in Malta, it is VisMedNet Association; and in Portugal, it is MAERA. To meet the objective, the project proposes to develop activities that will take place during the time of the project.

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