• Promotion and organization of courses, conferences, seminars, congresses, fairs and other similar events.
  • Awarding prizes and other forms of recognition of excellence.
  • Promoting and supporting the publication of papers, books, magazines and articles of its members or of other authors whose work is considered of interest by the association.
  • Promoting and supporting its members in participation in conferences, congresses and other scientific, national and international events.
  • Promoting and participating in research projects, national and international.
  • Working with its members and other public and private entities, and all individual or legal persons under their objectives.
  • Establishing collaborative relationships and partnerships with other entities, whether professional, business or government, domestic or foreign, as part of its objectives.


  • Despite his recent constitution, MAERA has supported the participation of Portuguese researchers in international conferences abroad.
  • In addition MAERA has established partnerships with associations and companies that develop their action in the areas of management, accounting and education.